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Yes, the Spanish compilation of the original papers is in:   Vidal-Villa, José María (comp.). 1974. El debate cubano. Sobre el funcionamiento de la ley del valor en el socialismo, Barcelona: Editorial Laia.   The Cuban economists Carmelo Mesa-Lago also has published in English a paper analyzing this controversy.   Mesa-Lago, Carmelo. 1972. "Ideological, Political and Economic Factors in the Cuban Controversy on Material Versus Moral Incentives". Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs, Vol. 14, Nº 1, pp. 49-111.   I’ll submit it to you both (Bapuji and Jurriaan).  A. Agafonow ________________________________ De: Jurriaan Bendien <> Para: Outline on Political Economy mailing list <> Enviado: miércoles, 11 de febrero, 2009 9:24:51 Asunto: Re: [OPE] Che Guevara Economics of Revolution The book is most probably Bertram Silverman, Man and Socialism in Cuba; The Great Debate. New York: Atheneum, 1971. I think also Spanish and German editions of the papers were published. J.

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