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Does it include his debate with Charles Bettelheim on the question of planning and some related issues? [These I read many years ago in some book which I do not remember]

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Subject: [OPE] Che Guevara Economics of Revolution
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Helen Yaffe's book Che Guevara The Economics of Revolution will be out in 10
days in UK (20 February) - a little later in US. It is published by Palgrave
Macmillan in paperback (17.99) and hardback (70). Information about the
book can be found at (UK) (US)

Information on the book is more complete on the UK site and has a sample
chapter and two small reviews.

Obviously I am biased but this book is important and has new material on the
political economy of socialism and a discussion on Che's critique of the
Soviet Manual of Political Economy. Fascinating new information comes from
recent interviews with Che's comrades, who worked with him in the Ministry
of Industries.

The book can be obtained through Amazon and Waterstones in UK at a discount if

David Yaffe

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