[OPE] Russian Chess Champion issues a challenge to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

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Date: Mon Feb 09 2009 - 14:45:49 EST

Russia's Allies Should Not Help Vladimir Putin
By Garry Kasparov

(...) "By rejecting Putin's agenda, the world can send a clear signal to Russia's elites not to bet on the old regime. That would improve the chances for a peaceful transition. "We must rely on the moral values that have ensured the progress of our civilization," Putin said in Davos. I could not agree more. The downfall of a regime that has trampled on those values for a decade is an excellent place to begin."

Garry Kasparov is chairman of the opposition group United Civil Front and co-leader of the pro-democracy coalition The Other Russia (http://www.theotherrussia.org).


(whisper:) "Are you really going out with Adolf?"

I never loved Eva Braun (oh no?)
No, a thousand people say I did (oh yeah?)
Yeah, she was just some girl who was on the make (Yes, we see)
Boy she wanted to be so big.
And in the end it got to be a drag,
She's doing her exercises every day
No matter what people say,
I never loved Eva Braun.

I never heard all the screams (oh no?)
I never saw the blood and dirt and gore (oh yeah?)
That wasn't part of the dream, (yes, we see)
Of maps and generals and uniforms.
I'd always like the big parade,
I always wanted to be adored,
In '33 I knew I had it made,
I never loved....

Eva Braun wasn't history,
She wasn't even part of my destiny
She never really fitted in the scheme of things
She was a triumph of my will,
Oh yeah!

I saw the blondies and the blue eyes, (oh yeah?)
I saw the millions mouthing me, (oh yeah?)
But underneath I was really gentle, (oh yeah?)
D'ja ever see me touch a scrap of meat?
O yeah I conquered all those countries
They were weak an' I was strong
A little too ambitious maybe,
But I never loved Eva Braun.

(Whisper:) "Gee!"

- Boomtown Rats, "I never loved".

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