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From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 12:20:27 EST

Gerry, Anders,

I don't have sufficient information to know whether the WSWS analysis
of the LCR is correct or not.

But I do take this kind of analysis seriously since the WSWS have been
very accurate and prescient regarding the trajectory of the SWP in the
UK, something I know much more about.

The recent RESPECT party experiment with George Galloway has ended in
a complete debacle and rout. Particularly objectionable has been the
SWP's pattern of burying revolutionary politics under the facade of
"anti-capitalist" reformism. Reading the RESPECT manifesto was very
depressing in this respect. It's almost as if they wanted to resurrect
the old Labour party. In my view the WSWS articles on the SWP over the
years have been accurate and prescient. So I'm open to their views on
the LCR in France.

We all know plenty of examples of revolutionary parties taking
supporting roles in pro-capitalist governments in the past, especially
in times of crisis. So there is historical precedent for warning that
what appears to be in the interests of the working class ... might
turn into its very opposite.

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