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Weird . . . I don't follow?

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< Sorry, Suzanne de Brunhoff cannot participate to this nicmeeting. .Thanks to Roy Grive , and to Gerald Levy. 

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Roy Grieve, from Scotland, has joined our list. He is  listed by the University of Strathclyde
Department of Economics under 'honorary members of staff' which means that (his
words) "I am now in the comfortable position of not having to do any teaching or admin unless I
volunteer to do so."
He wrote by way of introduction that:
My interests in economics lie in the areas of history of thought, macro and development, and I look particularly to Smith, Keynes and Sraffa for guidance; while I take a very positive view of Marx, I wouldn't describe myself as a Marxist (I hope that is OK with OPE-L?).  Over the last twelve months I have written on Sraffa's possible influence on the development of the General Theory, Smith's treatment of productive and unproductive labour, a (chatty sort of) piece on Marshall's and other ways of drawing S and D diagrams, and a critique of Mohammad Yunus's (the Nobel Peace laureate's) plan to eliminate poverty via the instrument of 'social business'. These are available at, but I am hoping to get some into journals. I have also recently given a brief lecture course at CFAU Beijing on history of economic thought, and (weirdly) helped to compile a theoretical and practical guide to good health,
 which is being used in introducing health education to the school curriculum in a remote area of northern Pakistan.
In answer to your question, Roy, as I informed you in the invitation,
OPE-L is a
"small, closed list of Marxists which has been discussing
controversial issues in political economy since September, 1995."
*However*, there are a minority of members of the list who are not
Marxists and our discussions have benefited from their presence.
His email address is
Roy: welcome aboard!
In solidarity, Jerry

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