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Date: Mon Feb 02 2009 - 07:23:49 EST

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Dear colleagues,this year the German Studies Association Annual Meeting (Washington D.C. October 8-11, 2009) is going to have a special section on "Karl Marx and the Nineteenth Century" and they asked me to organize a panel on Grundrisse and our collection.Papers are 20 minutes long. The rest of the time would be devoted to discussion.

I will need the names and tentative titles of the papers before I can sign off on the panel.
If you are interested, please send me an email, along with CV, a paper tentative title by February 5, 2009 and brief abstract (150 words), related to your paper, by February 10, 2009.Also, please be aware that everyone involved needs to be a member of the GSA (US$ 65) and have to pay for the staying in Washington.

If you would like to learn more about the GSA meeting, here is a link to the website:


With all best wishes,Marcello[marcello.musto@googlemail.com]German Studies Association Annual Meeting. Washington D.C. October8-11, 2009Panels on "Karl Marx and the Nineteenth Century"As part of the 2009 GSA meeting, we would like to organize a series ofpanels on the topic of "Karl Marx and the Nineteenth Century."Possible topics include, but are surely not limited to the following:-- Marxist and competing theories of the economy/capitalism/money-- economic boom and bust in the nineteenth-century-- Marx and Engels and terrorism and violence-- Marx and nineteenth-century philosophy-- Marx and German law/the German state-- Marx's rivals-- continuity and rupture in Marx's thought-- textual histories of Marx's writings-- Marx on nature and the environment-- economics and gender in Marx-- theories of property in nineteenth-century Germany-- literary formations of Marx and Marxism-- notions of anthropology, race, and religion in the works of Marx andEngels-- Friedrich Engels as acolyte/innovator-- the public reputations of Marx and Engels-- Marx on imperialism and globalization/globalization and imperialismon Marx-- Marx and Germanness/Germanness and Marx

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