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> S P E C I A L N O T I C E! -- S P E C I A L N O T I C E!> > --"The Great Anger"--> > The MIA is announcing the publication of this book, to help us raise funds> to maintain the MIA and the presence of Marxism on the Internet. Please > purchase> a copy to help support the MIA:> > The Great Anger, Ultra-Revolutionary Writing in France from the Atheist > Priest to the Bonnot Gang: A collection of texts and essays edited and > translated by Mitchell Abidor. Published by Marxists Internet Archive > Publications, 2009.> > Published for the first time, Mitchell Abidor presents the key writings > of a series of revolutionaries from the late 17th-early 18th century > priest Jean Meslier and the Enlightenment radical Baron d’Holbach, to > the leaders of the left wing of the Great French Revolution, Jean-Paul > Marat, Jacques Hébert, Anacharsis Cloots, Jacques Roux, Gracchus Babeuf, > and Sylvain Maréchal; and continuing with the tireless revolutionary > Louis Auguste Blanqui and the voices of the Paris Commune. There follow > the Propagandists of the Deed such as Ravachol and Emile Henry; the > unclassifiable Zo d’Axa, and the uncompromising Albert Libertad. The > collection continues with the philosophy of the individualist Georges > Palante and concludes with Victor Serge, who wrote the last chapter of > this school of anarchism and joined the Communist International. In the > epilogue, Abidor reflects on the significance of the events of May 1968 > in Paris and their connection to the tradition.> > These texts, the words of the “men of action” themselves, Les Enragés, > give a unique insight into the thinking of that social layer which > cannot and will not reconcile itself to inequality, normality, > conformity, and injustice. Men for whom the slogan “ni dieu ni maître,” > neither God nor master, were words to live by.> > For more information please see our distributor:> http://www.erythrospress.com/store/main.html
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> http://marxists.org/archive/preobrazhensky/index.htm> 24 January 2009: Added to the new Evgenii Proebrazhensky Archive:> > From N.E.P. to Socialism (1921) (An exposition of a possible transition > of Russia to socialism from the vantage point of a post-transition > lecturer looking back from 1970)> [Thanks to Martin F.]> > > http://marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/index.htm> 23 January 2009: Added to the Rosa Luxemburg Archive:> > Lassalle and the Revolution (1904) (Lassalle has had a bad press among > Marxists during since World War I but in this piece Luxemburg praises > his important contribution to the development of revolutionary politics > in Germany)> Blanquism and Social Democracy (1906) (Defence of Lenin and the > Bolsheviks against an attack by Plekhanov)> Lassalle’s Legacy (1913) (Another article praising Lassalle’s > contribution to the development of working class politics)> [Thanks to Ben Lewis, Peter Manson and Weekly Worker]

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