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well this seems to be a very narrow concept of what a theory should be able to do. it is of course important for a theory to be right at the right moment. but a theory must also make predictions/assumtions in a certain situation under certain conditions and preconditions. it is this perspective that dinstinguishes marxists theorists from all other sorts of so-called theoreticians.


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I have received or read quite a few comments now from?Marxist friends and acquaintances?along the lines of "we were right all along" - some say they predicted the new economic?crisis five years ago, or ten years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago etc. but frankly I am not very impressed by this, because Marxism is always predicting crisis, Marxists have been doing that since the 1890s. The question is not really whether you were correct before the event, or afterwards, but?whether you are correct at the right time, when events happen, because that is what can provide leadership for action.



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