RE: [OPE] "Parasitism"

Date: Sat Jan 31 2009 - 14:12:19 EST

> The whingers claim "frustration" because the argument isn't going their way and nobody
>is providing an easy answer, but your eliding tactics go from bad to worse, resulting in
> fresh accusations which require rebuttal.
Right, Jurriaan:
Accusations like that others on the list "substitute swearwords for economic analysis".
There were no swearwords in this thread until after YOU made that silly claim. NO, Jurriaan,
the words 'parasitism' is not a "swearword". To think that others on the list were using it
as a swearword shows an inability to confront what others have _really_ been arguing.
Similarly, your oft-stated lines about how others are being "moralistic" in this
discussion convince NO ONE of your perspective and only serve to turn people off
from the discussion.
>First, you falsely accused me of arguing
What I _actually_ did was to reproduce your quotation in its entirety.
> I will not pursue this thread further, except to expose the lies for what they are.
I won't pursue this thread with you either because I don't care for absurd
mischaracterizations (like the ones I refer to above) or your accusations -
which serve to discredit no one but yourself.
Over and out.
In solidarity, Jerry

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