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Subject: International Journal of Critical Accounting CALL FOR
From: "Anthony Tinker"
Date: Thu, January 29, 2009
7:32 pm

International Journal of Critical Accounting


The International Journal
of Critical Accounting (IJCA) is new scholarly
publication, to be
launched in 2009. The publisher - Inderscience -- is
one of the
World's largest houses, carrying some 350 journal titles.
All papers
are subject to double blind review. You are invited to submit
work for review.

The editorial board includes
leaders in the field, covering the spectrum
from Stanley Aronowitz
to Abe Briloff. Equally distinguished are the
contributors to the
inaugural issues, including Peter Armstrong, Abe
Briloff, Jean-Guy
Degos, Charles Elad, Stefano Harney, Kieran James,
Murphy Smith and
Steve Sutton. For more details, go to:


The co-editors of IJCA are the Keepers of the Critical
Accounting Flame.
As the World welcomes the arrival of the first
African American into the
White House, so IJCA is the first
accounting journal with an
African-American woman co-editor at its
helm (who incidentally, has the
dubious distinction of also ejected
from board of CPA. Jim Crow is not

new IJCA co-editors have inaugurated range of innovations and
special issues:

* Global Warming


* AAA.inc,

* The French Connection

* Japanese Accounting

* Chinese Learner

Turkish Accounting


* Romanian Accounting

* African Accounting

* Malaysian Accounting

* Several Labor Process Symposiums (now Accounting and the New
Labor Process Symposium) -- see:

<http://aux.zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/tinker/anlp2009/> (under

* Accounting Poetry; an innovation celebrated
in the Wall Street
Journal (poetry submissions will receive a warm
welcome in IJCA)

* Finally, the largest campus based
accounting conference in the
U.S. (the Baruch Conference).

This is a solid track record.

episteme is deeply rooted in praxis -- the rigorous interplay /
mutual reconstitution of theory and practice. A strong theoretical
intelligence is vital to effective practice; and a theoretical
understanding only stays relevant by drawing on the inspiration of
experience and history. Beware of false dichotomies. Briloff's
writings, for instance, are not merely instances of 'practice'. His
writings -- his 'practices' -- are steeped in Greek and other classics;

they are a deeply moral, ethical, and rich analyses of social and

economic activity. Briloff is not a hands-on bomb-thrower; his
interventions are exemplars of praxis that accord exactly with our
conception of critical accounting. Beware of the cheap knock-offs: it

is a little pretentious to claim that the path to "Truth"
lies only in
the mud-wrestling with the facts. This spurious
practicality stems from
a flawed understanding of critical
accounting. It is a shabby
philosophical foundation for a scholarly

The next event for the calendar is the
Second Accounting and New Labor
Process Symposium, to be held at
Baruch College in New York, August 2,
2009, the day prior to the
American Accounting Association Convention.
For more information on
the symposium, go to:

<http://aux.zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/tinker/anlp2009/> (under

Hope to see you there.

Aida Sy and Tony Tinker

Professor Tony Tinker
Baruch College at the City University of New
Box B12:225
Fellow of the Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants
Association for Integrity in Accounting,
Visiting Professor at the
University of St. Andrews, Scotland,
Chercheur Invite (Visiting
Researcher) University of Bordeaux
lV,Montesquieu. Maybank Chair,
Visiting Professor, at the University
of Putra, Malaysia.
One Bernard Baruch Way
New York, NY
Tel: 646 312 3175, Fax: 646 312 3161

Email: Tony.Tinker@baruch.cuny.edu

Tony.tinker@gmail.com <mailto:Tony.tinker@gmail.com>

International Journal of Critical Accounting (IJCA)

Second Accounting and the New Labor Process Symposium


(Under Construction).

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