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Global cooling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHi Paul C:
If climate change goes beyond the 'tipping point' there are any number of relatively unpredictable
and negative climatic (and other) consequences. The idea that global warming could cause global
cooling is not "complete rubbish" (see below). One reason why knowledge about what is believed to have

caused global cooling in the past can not be applied simply to the current period is that global warming today

is a consequence of _human_ activities. That certainly couldn't have been said about major climatic changes

on Earth in the distant past.
In solidarity, Jerry

Global cooling
>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The idea of a global cooling as the result of global warming was already proposed in the 1990s.[26] In 2003, the Office of Net Assessment at the United States Department of Defense was commissioned to produce a study on the likely and potential effects of a modern climate change, especially of a shutdown of thermohaline circulation.[27] The study, conducted under ONA head Andrew Marshall, modelled its prospective climate change on the 8.2 kiloyear event, precisely because it was the middle alternative between the Younger Dryas and the Little Ice Age. The study caused controversy in the media when it was made public in 2004.[28][29] However, scientists acknowledge that “abrupt climate change initiated by GIS melting is not a realistic scenario for the 21st century.”[30].

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