Re: [OPE] The Crisis of the Euro

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 2009 - 17:01:45 EST

paul bullock wrote:
> given your enthusiasm for Rosa ( which we all share I imagine)

I cannot recall that I've ever expressed 'enthusiasm' for Rosa
Luxemburg; I've read very little of her writing, mainly her political

> i'm a bit suprised that you say you are slowly trying to read up on
> imperialism......although such an honest staement does reflect the
> peculiarly common position amongst left 'economists'....

I'm not a 'left economist' but a student. I began studying political
economy only in 2002 and if I had a more ambitious reading plan perhaps
I would have covered 'imperialism' long ago. But my impression at the
time was that the theory was quite underdeveloped for the modern context
and often advocated among the most sectarian elements of the Left (more
interested in denouncing others than in open discussion and analysis).

> so I guess you are worried about the use of the term in the case of
> ....... USA? UK? France?
No, I am worried when leftists carelessly denounce any right-wing groups
or leaders as 'fascist', thereby losing the value of the concept and
understanding of a real and dangerous phenomena which is quite distinct
from the conservative or ultra-Right. Similarly, 'imperialism' is thrown
around carelessly whenever there is an intervention by a state in
another state's affairs.

//Dave Z
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