Re: [OPE] The Crisis of the Euro

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 2009 - 06:19:39 EST

paul bullock wrote:
> You are quite right, that there seems to be an absolute fear of
> discussing imperialism by many in the acedemic/socialist/ heterodox
> etc area... which if one compares the open investigation of the
> subject by classical liberals at the turn of the 20th century eg
> Hobson, or Schumpeter , is quite striking.

I'm slowly trying to read up on the topic of imperialism. But my
impression is that it is not a discussion that is 'feared' among
left-wing intellectuals but rather imperialism after de-colonisation of
most of the world was a lot harder to comprehend and analyse than in the
days of Hobson and Lenin. The political and economic dominance of the US
in the world has operated quite differently than the British state
during its peak.

Moreover, I think 'imperialism' as a concept has lost its accuracy by
misuse by leftists. C.f. the accusations of 'fascist'.

//Dave Z
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