Re: [OPE] The Crisis of the Euro

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 04:53:55 EST

2009/1/23 paul bullock <>

> The idea that 'productive' labour is somehow superior to 'unproductive '
> labour is idiotic even from the bourgoise point of view, they know well
> enough that products have to be sold to become rich

Well, what appears as beneficial to individual capitalists may be
detrimental to accumulation of real capital --- and thus capitalist
relations of productions --- in the long-run.

A capitalist firm and its owners may grow rich by selling the service of
private guards to the rest of the capitalist class. That may also help
maintain the social order, but

"The protection, security, and defence of the commonwealth, the effect of
their labour this year, will not purchase its protection, security, and
defence for the year to come."

As a mere consumer of the surplus product, the long-run effect of such
activities is detrimental to the development of capitalism. That does not
mean that the labour employed in such firms is not exploited.

//Dave Z

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