RE: [OPE] capital's roads to recovery?

Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 09:50:59 EST

Good (and important, necessary, and timely) questions, Claus! The two issues
- capital's road to recovery and the working class's road to recovery (i.e. class
consciousness and heightened militancy, solidarity, and organization) are related,
although they can't be simply reduced to the other.> 1) what new perspectives does the present crisis present for the working> class and for the struggle for socialism?> > 2) Does the present crisis alter in a significant extent the very> unfavorable relation of forces in which workers and socialists, as well as> Marxists, have been in the past decades?
It has that _potential_. Whether and to what extent it will be realized in
individual capitalist nations and regions is not yet clear. Capitalist crisis
does not _necessarily_ bring forth working class radicalization.
> 3) to what extent can the present crisis contribute to a significant> upsurge of the working class in the class struggle?
We're seeing that happen in some nations, e.g. Iceland.
In other nations, the outlook is more unclear. A growth of reformism
and liberalism is more likely in the immediate period ahead in the US:
it will take time before the working class is disillusioned with 'the
In solidarity, Jerry
> 4) In what way and to what extent can Marxist intellectuals contribute to> such an upsurge?

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