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Hi Jerry,
I agree with you, but I did not refer to those groups. I intended to refer
to the socialist left that raises doubts about the actual socialist nature
of Chávez's government programs so far and especially of his XXI century
socialism, within which I include myself. But this does not mean to
condemn Chávez's policies as a whole, but to analyse them from the point
of view of the working class and of the class contradictions. As I said in
my post, in my opinion he has been developing an important
anti-imperialist policy in Latin America.

But more important now, I think, is to understand Obama's position. It
would be naive to expect from him anything different from an imperialist
policy for Latin America, something like JFK's anti-Castrist and
anti-independentism in the sixties. In Portughese it was called Alliance
for the Progress (of the Underdevelopment, would we in the Left say). What
one can expect from Obama's government is the resumption of a more
interventionist action in Latin America, which means an
anti-independentism policy, the financing of right-wing oppositions in
Venezuela, Bolivia, Equador, Paraguai and obviously the cooption of the
conformist and opportunist left.

As Lenin argued, imperialism is not a policy, it refers to the structural
nature of mature capitalism: the monopoly stage of capitalism. Obama is
the president of a monopoly capitalist nation, whose bourgoisie is the
leading class, which he represents. Hence, his policy cannot be anything
else than an imperalist policy, obviously expressed in nice propaganda
terms such as promotion of democracy, of political liberalism, of freedom,
of social justice, of full employment, and so on. Those terms are well
known in Latin America.

>> Of course Chávez's position (and of the other mentioned governments) is>
>> subject to critic also from the left, but not on the same issues as
>> from> the president of USA.
> Hi Claus:
> Yes, but I have noticed that in practice the anti-Chavez "Left" often
> cites
> - and, indeed, _relies upon_ - reactionary sources. They are quick to
> condemn Chavez but not so quick to condemn the disinformation
> campaign pursued by the right-wing, bourgeois opposition and their
> handlers in the US.
> In solidarity, Jerry_______________________________________________
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