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Date: Tue Jan 20 2009 - 15:19:20 EST

> “Venezuela's firebrand president, Hugo Chávez, has hindered progress in Latin America” (Barack Obama, Univisión).
On this any many other foreign policies, Obama has signaled that he intends to
follow in practice a reactionary and pro-imperialist policy. {Did you read what
he had to say about Gaza?} It is Obama, rather than Chavez, who should be
condemned for his stance towards Venezuela.
Obama has often said that he admired and seeks to emulate JFK. You all
recall Kennedy's role in attempting to overthrow Castro and invade Cuba
(the CIA planned and financed Bay of Pigs). We have to be alert for the
real possibility that an Obama administration will try something similar.
Yes, Dogan, there is a real possibility that Obama could be assassinated.
But, there is at least as strong a possibility of Chavez being assassinated.
Having failed at the polls, what other recourse is there to an increasingly
desperate, fanatical, and violence-prone opposition? Having failed with the coup,
failed with their attempts to bolster the opposition, and increasingly unable to isolate
Chavez and Venezuela from other nations, what other options are there for the CIA
and the US State Department? They have already said loud and clear that they want to
see Chavez gone. The polls in Venezuela seem to indicate that (by a wide margin) term
limits for the Presidency will be eliminated. I have no doubt that plotters are at work in
Caracas and Washington, D.C. Let's hope that Venezuelan intelligence is up to the task.
If not, then the vengeance of the Venezuelan people against the opposition leaders -
and those who those leaders report to in the US - will, I suspect, be very harsh indeed.
In solidarity, Jerry

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