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*Obama said his administration is open to starting talks with Chávez to
improve relations, which have frayed badly since the Bush
administration celebrated Chávez's brief overthrow at the hands of
rebellious military officers in 2002. But in the 13-minute interview
aired by Univision, Obama said Chávez had "been a force that has
interrupted progress in the region."*

Obama does not have concept of progress. This concept has to do with the change. But I doubt whether
he wants any change at all though he talks about it permanently.
He should have apologised for that what USA did in the region if he wanted a real progress in the region.
Well, this comes only to those as a disappointment who was expecting a change by his inaguration.



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“Venezuela's firebrand president, Hugo Chávez, has hindered progress in Latin America” (Barack Obama, Univisión).


A. Agafonow


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