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- Your answer that "The point is that MARX HIMSELF was not able to edit his
own texts (he had almost 20 years to do it, the first drafts of book II and
III date 1863-65). He was completely aware his drafts were not finished and
printable. Nobody could do it in his spirit, because he himself - in body
and spirit - could not do it." .... would suggest that NO one else should!!
It does not deny that Engels was the best person to try.

I have never said and thought that no one else should. I was arguing that we have to distinguish someone else's attempts and Marx's manuscritps. Engels's editing is a contraversial interpretation of Marx's manuscritps. That's all.

- The introduction to the book doesn't explain what 'Real Socialist' ideology
is, so we don't know (as readers) what you are trying to avoid....

It was not the goal of our introdutcion to explain what real socialist ideology is. Anyway, at p. 5 there is a list with more relevant points than just "petit bourgeois". We were trying to explain the attitude of the new MEGA editorial board while editing the works of Marx and Engels. So,they - the MEGA editors - try not to present the development of Marx's thought in the way Lenin did (the old introductions of the MEGA volumes - which were not bad in general for their content - frequently suggested Lenin is right). And not because Lenin is necessarly wrong, but because this has nothing to do with a critical edition. And a critical edition needs to distinguish between Marx and Engels as well.
But I'm repeating myself. Thanks.
All the best.

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