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Paul C:
>To be productive labour must be capable of producing relative surplus
>value. To >produce relative surplus value it must enter directly or
>indirectly into the real wage.

I'm not sure I understand this. Firstly, there must be productive labour
also in the case of absolute surplus value. Secondly, the labour that
'enters' into the wage (what does this mean exactly?) would not be surplus -
the surplus is what does not 'enter' into the wage.
By entering into the wage I mean that the labour must either produce something necessary for the reproduction of labour power,
or enter indirectly into such things.
Relative surplus value is the main form of capitalist production of surplus value and the main basis for capitalism being a historically
progressive form of society that accelerates the development of the productive forces, and to take place it must reduce the labour
necessary for the real wage, thus increasing the proportion of a fixed working day that goes as surplus.
Over history the level of absolute surplus value tends to be diminished via the shortening of the working day.
The original production of absolute surplus value involved lengthening the working day relative to the pre-capitalist working day,
but that has been progressively beaten back by the labour movement in Europe, though not for example in China. In Europe the
working day is probably no longer than it was under pre-capitalist relations, and may well be shorter. Thus surplus value is now
predominantly relative surplus value.

>Advertising is part of the battle for market share between firms, but it is
>only of benefit to an individual firm at the expense of another

No; advertising can also be of benefit to consumers, for example by
providing information and entertainment
I think there is a difference between notes saying what is on in the Cinema or Tv, ( Small ads) and advertising proper, which involves competitive
provision of material aiming not to iinform but to persuade. TV advertising is overwhelimingly of the latter sort, as is most bilboard advertising, and display adverts in papers.

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