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Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 09:06:32 EST

The interesting thing is that his model advocates a communism that, in absence of the appropriate computational technology, would anyway overcome the problem of the economic calculation.
 Why? Because it is required that each person takes care only of the people in her proximity, i.e. her neighbours. In this way each person would have good information about the preferences of the target-people of her production. So that, this communism would not require a central planner but **atomic local planners**.
Hi Alejandro:
In that case, you would still have the problem of internalities and, possibly, "Departmentalism" (Kornai).
The issue, I think, has been miss-framed in the past as centralization vs. decentralization. It would
be more appropriately framed as: what is the most democratic and participatory, efficient combination
of centralization and de-centralization in a socialist society? Such questions are not
best answered in the abstract, though. Rather, they have to be contextualized within a particular society
and culture.
In solidarity, Jerry

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