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Date: Thu Jan 15 2009 - 08:39:26 EST

> Advertising is part of the battle for market share between firms,
Hi Paul C:
Yes, but ...
> but it is only of benefit to an individual firm at the expense of another> firm. Extra sales of Pepsi after an advertising campaign are a loss to > Coke.
To begin with, let's not assume that either Coke or Pepsi are sold at
their value. A gain for Coke does not _necessarily_ mean a loss "only"
to Pepsi: if it is a commodity which is a means of consumption for
the working class (which it is) then a gain for Coke could result in a
redistribution of value from the wc to this firm with monopoly-like powers.
Coke not only gains market share, they also gain value ... but from whom?
In solidarity, Jerry

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