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Do all of the members of the ISMT read German?


I suspect it will
be quite a while before the content of MEGA2 is translated into
other languages, including English: this will put non-
German  reading scholars at a disadvantage

I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT. I'm also afraid that the already available English translations of Capital book I, f. i., present problems. Chris Arthur told me he has a long list of corrections to Fawks translation (probably the best). It seems to me also difficult to establish what Fawks translation corresponds to. As for the division of chapters it follows the former English edition by Engels (which was a very poor translation), as for the content seems to be based on the German text, but I can't exactly understand on which edition. The more general relevant point is in fact that we don't have a final edition of Capital book I either. The last published by Marx is the French one, which was better as to the content (in particular the section on accumulation), but which was terrible as for the translation. The third German by Engels is based on a couple of Marx's manuscripts, but Engels followed only in part what Marx wanted. One of the most evident and ridiculous consequence is that we have different divisions of the content in English/French on one hand and in German (and in all other translations from German) on the other. I think it is necessary to work a lot on this (this concerns not-German editions in general of course).

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