[OPE] Altruism and Allocation of Resources

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Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 - 10:56:58 EST

Pérez Martí, Felipe, “Altruismo y Mecanismos de Asignación de Recursos II”, Debates IESA, 6, 1, 2000b, pp. 66-70.   «In this case altruism is conceived, not as a complement to the market or the state, but as a pure, self-sufficient and self-sustaining mechanism. A theorem of this kind would be the formal basis of a pure communism, which advocates social relations in which there is no market or state. In a society like this, people would voluntarily produce what better know to produce, without expecting something in return (“From each according to his ability”). In addition, the output would go marginally to those most in need or who most value it (“to each according to his needs”). The requirement for the complete efficiency would be certain degree of altruism in each individual, an analytic resort of the “subjective conditions” of the Marxist literature or of the “new man” of Christian theology.» (Pérez Martí, 2000b: 68)     Felipe Pérez Martí is PhD in Economics and former Minister of Planning in Chávez government.   Regards,A. Agafonow

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