RE: [OPE] Marx: 'The Possibility of Non-Violent Revolution'

Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 - 08:34:21 EST

You didn't answer this question:
> What bureaucratic privileges and (personal) wealth are you referring to? Special access to Cuban cigars?
but instead made other claims, such as:

> But in the situation of lack of almost any kind of mechanisms of accountability in Cuba,
There are mechanisms of accountability: note what happened to a Cuban official who was
found to be guilty of trafficking drugs.
> how can you trust Jerry that the advantages Castro takes confine themselves to having Cuban cigars?
WHAT advantages?
> Donít you think that this position seems to rests upon an act of faith?
No, it is a progressive and critical position: it demands *proof* from reliable and
independent sources for the claims that you are making. As for the austerity of
the Cuban people which you refer to, this is a consequence of US imperialism
and its violations of international law in relation to Cuba.
In solidarity, Jerry

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