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Mires, Fernando, “Socialismo nacional versus democracia social. Una breve revisión histórica”, NUEVA SOCIEDAD, No 217.http://www.nuso.org/upload/articulos/3547_1.pdf   ABSTRACT «In its origins, socialism was closely related to democracy. It was in its early stages an attempt of radicalization of democracy upon the basis of a project of "social democracy", which sought to link political freedom to economic welfare. This paper argues that this began to change with the rise of Marxism and the Russian Revolution, when socialism became to be seen as something different -and even opposite- to democracy. The most dramatic faces of this mutation were the national socialisms of fascist and Stalinist kinds. Although much of Latin American social democracy has gained ground, now it faces the twenty-first century socialism, a belated attempt to return to the ideas of anti-democratic socialism of the past century.»   Fernando Mires is a Chilean and socialit scholar actually based in Germany, who militated for Salvador Allende in his youth.   Regards, A. Agafonow

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