RE: [OPE] Marx: 'The Possibility of Non-Violent Revolution'

Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 08:38:27 EST

 I have recently read a book by Victor Serge, "The first year of the> revolution" which I found very good.
Hi Paolo:
Yes, I agree with you. Serge was a very good writerand dedicated revolutionary,
but a tragic figure.
> One of its chapters deals with the> question of violence by revolutions and counter-revolutions. He argues> that revolutions can be bloodless because of the overwhelming power of the> majority of the population against a minority of capitalists.
That was a point which Luxemburg made as well. I think it had a long
tradition in German Social Democracy and in the (2nd) International.
> Counter-revolutions, on the other hand> have to be bloody because to overcome the power of enormous number of> people is necessary to exterminate many of them.
Yes, and socialist strategy must take this into account! The working class
must be vigilant and prepared to defend its gains.
In solidarity, Jerry

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