RE: [OPE] Marx: 'The Possibility of Non-Violent Revolution'

Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 08:28:36 EST

I asked:
Has there ever been a ruling class in history which has voluntarily surrendered their privileged position and wealth?
AA did not answer the question, but instead asked another one:
> Has there ever been a socialist revolution in history which has voluntarily surrendered the bureaucratic privileges and wealth of a minority of revolutionaries?
Hi Alejandro:
I don't accept in the case of Cuba the proposition you take for granted.
What bureaucratic privileges and (personal) wealth are you referring to?
Special access to Cuban cigars?
The everyday violence of capitalism, which I cited Luxemburg as speaking about,
is absent in Cuba. The everyday violence, rather, is caused by the embargo against
Cuba by the US. And, of course, ongoing conspiracies by the CIA and old, bitter
men in Miami.
In solidarity, Jerry


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