RE: [OPE] Reply to Paul C. and Dave Z. on PUPL, accumulation etc.

Date: Sat Jan 10 2009 - 08:25:07 EST

> I regard the Sraffian analysis of non-basic goods as false, and I think I can also prove that, though I will not do that just now.
> Sraffa's concepts are themselves incoherent (I haven't written this up yet for publication). Hi Jurriaan:If you are going to make statements like that then you should be prepared to support your claims with arguments and evidence.
> Dave Zachariah's interpretation of Marx's text is incoherent and false. And if he says "I wasn't (simply) interpreting Marx's text" then your claim goes overboard.Why does _every_ discussion always come back to interpreting Marx??? In solidarity, Jerry

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