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From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2009 - 19:17:18 EST

> My take on this is the opposite, no change in social relations can change an
> unproductive activity into a productive one. The activities of soldiering
> and priestcraft are inherently unproductive. Even if one organised companies
> of mercernaries or companies of priests for hire to short staffed dioceses
> their unproductive nature would not change.

Say priests organized themselves into for-profit companies and sold
their services to the working class. Their product is Christian-minded
men. Is their labor now productive?

Behind my questions is the feeling that whether a particular kind of
concrete labor (e.g., shaving men, preaching to them, entertaining
them etc.) enters the real wage depends on worker demand. That can
change. Does that mean, therefore, that priestly-labor can be just as
"productive" as baker-labor?

The real wage is conventional. So if by convention lots of workers buy
the services of priests, then a labor-saving innovation in preaching
(e.g., web-based broadcasting to the flock) reduces the reproduction
costs of the working class, and therefore produces relative
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