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Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 08:05:22 EST

> We don't adopt the something like the Material Product System, which if > anything that is a Smithian theory. It would be a lot easier to discuss > if you stop labeling people and engage in the arguments instead.
Hi Dave Z:
I agree, but (without labeling them) it may be that the differences arise
because two (or more) different paradigms are being employed by
discussants. Whenever you have cross-paradigm discourse, conversation
and meaning can be frustrating. Here I am not thinking of a simple
Marxian vs. non-Marxian problematic, but rather (since the term was
used already in this thread) differing "foundational" (and methodological)
perspectives and intellectual traditions.
Would it be possible for all sides to initially state what are the merits of
their perspectives without at the same time identifying the (alleged)
_de_-merits of other perspectives?
In solidarity, Jerry

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