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I am in the process of writing a paper on this, I will post the draft version when it's done. I had a discussion with Michael Williams about this ten years ago, which is in the OPE-L archives http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/OPE/archive/9801/0042.html This was in the context of a broader discussion about productive en unproductive labour, which flared up again several times later. http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/OPE/archive/9801/0066.html I was a bit naive in my approach to the topic at the time, and raised the issue with several other scholars specializing in the topic.

The ideas of the New Marxist Exploiting Class about this are very unreliable - they lack an understanding of (1) Marx, (2) the political economists he was criticizing, (3) economic history, (4) the literature of the modern era (5) the logical implications of theories, and in addition they are quite unable to think through the problems properly for themselves. What they love rather is the radical rhetoric en fervour, testifying the faith, and having a respected reputation for their "revolutionary" views, while they cream off rich helpings of public money and of free labour from gullible people. To get real answers, I think you have to get rid of the intellectual world of Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Autonomism and New Leftism because they all get in the way of a real understanding of things. I suppose this is is a controversial view, but I think it is true.


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