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The insurrection in Greece has entered its second week. There was a
solidarity march and general assembly in San Francisco on Saturday,
December 20th. Protesters marched to New College, the Mission Police
station and then up Market to Powell Street. The protest ended in
Union Square. There were 5 arrests as police in riot gear moved in
after protesters entered the Westfield Shopping Center.

Breaking News From 12/20:
4:15pm: About 200 people marched down Mission Street from 24th Street.
Chants included "Repression? No thanks! We'll burn your fucking
4:35pm: Crowd moves up 22nd to Valencia and stops at New College, and
alternative university that is being foreclosed on by the banks. The
original plan was to try to occupy the space but police were lined up
in front of the building upon arrival. Iraq veterans against the war
dropped two banners from the roof reading "Burn the Banks Smash The
State" and "Solidarity With Greek Uprising"
5:00pm:The crowd stopped outside of the police station on Mission at
17th Street for speeches about the situation in Greece and about
police brutality.
6:00pm: Then onto to Wells Fargo Bank, the bank foreclosing New
College. Police protect bank from anarchists.
6:29pm: The march moved quickly down Market Street to the Powell St.
area. Anarchists run into the Westfield Shopping Center chanting
"Anti-Capitalista!" Some property destruction takes place and police
rush the protest. At least one person was arrested. Crowd outside of
mall mostly surrounded by police, but there are also hundreds of
shoppers outside the mall while the protesters are holding banners and
playing music on a sound system. Protest effectively creates chaos
and shuts down the mall.
6:56pm: About 25 protesters ran past 3rd Street and turned onto Geary
St., while hundreds of cops in riot gear marched and drove behind
them. The cops blocked Geary at Grant and arrested at least one
person. Protesters then went up Grant to Post and into Union Square.
7:11pm The protest officially ended at the Christmas tree next to the
ice rink with an announcement that 5 people had been arrested. Riot
police continued to line up in front of Macys department store
screening all of those going in even after the protest had dispersed

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For two weeks now, Greek youth, immigrants, and workers have been
taking over streets and schools demanding an end to police brutality
and capitalist exploitation. Their uprising is an inspiration to all
of us who understand that their conditions of oppression are also
ours, and that their resistance is our resistance. Greece is

From the streets of Athens to the streets of San Francisco, we who are
faced with the precarious conditions of economic decline, we who are
increasingly denied the basic right to food, affordable housing,
education and dignified conditions of labor, can no longer look on in
helpless isolation. While the banks get bailouts, we get pink slips
and eviction notices, police harassment and the skyrocketing cost of
living, schools close and social services are cut. And in the Mission
District of San Francisco we get gentrification and ICE raids. In
order to survive the great storm that is upon us, we must come
together as a community and develop autonomous ways of supporting and
sustaining each other. We must create forums and spaces for the
practice of mutual aid and social solidarity.

Come join us this Saturday for a march and General Assembly where we
can begin to imagine a new society íV a free Mission District, a free
Greece, and a free world. Come in solidarity with the university
occupations and street battles in Greece, France, Italy and Spain and
with the occupation of the New School in New York City. Their struggle
is our struggle.

From the wreckage of the old world whispers new possibilities. This
tinderbox is only just being lit.

In resistance and struggle,

Global Solidarity in Action, San Francisco

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