Re: [OPE] missing pages in Vol. I of Capital in the MECW

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Date: Sat Dec 20 2008 - 10:32:36 EST

Dear Jerry,

you might like to recall that Chris Arthur specifically identified these two and two other Engels insertions that were not made by the editors of CW Vol 35. See his note 09 april 2004 11.59.

The second long omission re provided by Marquit has been noted several times, especially when reflecting upon the current credit crisis.

That note might be passed back to the Minnesota /Marquit group. This is why I still use the Dona Torr edition of 1938 (reprinted 1943)... since Engels additions are there carefully located in an appendix.

Paul B.
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>From another list. / In solidarity, Jerry

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  Subject: missing pages in vol. I of Capital in the MECW
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  If your library has the Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works
  (MECW), you may wish to notify it that there are two sets of two and three
  pages, respectively, missing from vol. I of Capital, which is vol. 35 of the
  MECW. With the agreement of Lawrence & Wishart, (the UK copublisher of the
  MECW) I have posted errata for the volume at

  Erwin Marquit


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