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Good point, Jerry. Methodologically speaking that what Andres suggests is a kind of hermeneutical appraoch that focuses on text (consistency) rather than on that what a text expresses. The analysis of texts and their consistency is part of Marxist (mirror) approach. But since it is a mirror theory it always bears in mind what it is talking about when it presents the reality in form of text: on the reality. The advantage of mirror theoretical approach as employed by Marx (and by Smith by the way) is that it grasps reality and consciousness at the same time and the disadvantage of hermeneutical approach is that it cuts off text (consciousness) from its reality. DG

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> 1) What is a reasonable interpretation of a text?
> What is the message, the internal consistency of
> the text -in this case Marx' texts.
Hi Anders:
I categorically and emphatically reject this as a suitable starting point.
To begin?debates which concern the character of *capitalism*
with the issue of the "internal consistency of the [Marx's] text"
is a?regression and deference to authority.?
It is also a biased?and relatively uncritical way to proceed.
It focuses attention on an *entirely secondary issue* and
keeps out of focus the real subject matter (capitalism).
It is a procedure which has characterized most Marxian debates
since? Marx's death and has an abysmal and deplorable
record from the standpoint of shedding light rather than heat.
Rather than reply to anything else in your post, I have remained
focused on the first issue. First things first. And that doesn't mean
discussing Marx?first!

In solidarity, Jerry

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