[OPE] Critical Mass: A New Forum on Political Economy and Power

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Subject: Critical Mass: A New Forum on Political Economy and Power

From: "Jonathan Nitzan" <nitzan@yorku.ca>

Announcing CRITICAL MASS, an open discussion forum on
political economy
and power.


Dear All,

The Critical Mass Forum on Political Economy and Power brings together

researchers interested in exploring the possibilities and
limitations of
the concept of power as an alternative basis for
re-thinking the
tradition of political economy and its foundational
categories of value,
capital and accumulation. Created and
maintained voluntarily by graduate
students of political economy at
York University in Toronto, Critical
Mass aims to extend beyond York
to foster online discussion and debate
between the global community
of researchers working in these areas.

In addition to
facilitating a general discussion on political economy
and power,
the forum also gives participants an opportunity to discuss
related to statistical data, to post and discuss upcoming
economy events and to receive feedback on their own research.

If you are interested in participating, please visit the forum website:


Department of Political Science York University, Toronto


Jonathan Nitzan 
Political Science 
York University 
Keele St. 
Toronto, Ontario, M3J-1P3 
Voice: (416)
736-2100, ext. 88822 
Fax: (416) 736-5686 
Email: nitzan at
Website: http://bnarchives.net 

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