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Paul B.,

I have assembled the empirical studies of Moseley, of Shaikh and Tonak, and
of Wolff for the U.S., studied their methodological distinctions, appraised
the main direction of their works, and concluded that the organic
composition of capital c/v rises because s/v rises, not because the
materialized composition of capital c/(v+s) rises. The latter expresses
the relation of labor hours invested in constant capital to labor works
working that constant capital (whatever the portion of the living labor
time which is paid). However, nothing in their work nor mine is "exact"
and, furthermore, their data don't go beyond the mid-1990s, starting from

I have an interpretation of the implications for crisis theory, but that is
an issue I'd prefer to keep separate from the data analysis.

Paul Z.

--On 12/8/2008 10:33 PM +0000 paul bullock wrote:

> Paul,
> It would be helpful if you could clarify this. Are you saying that you
> have a statistical collection that shows that increase in the mass of
> surplus value is exactly equal to the mass of constant capital used up in
> the same period? Somehow then technical advances are embodied in constant
> capital used up, that reduce the wage bill but don't increase or decrease
> the rate of profit. This is suspiciously stable from the social
> standpoint, and innovate and dynamic from the technological. How does
> this fit into any scheme of crisis?
> Paul B.
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>> This marxist has surveyed the numbers for the U.S. and mostly found that
>> c/v is rising only because s/v is rising, i.e., c/(v+s) is basically
>> stable.
>> (Does this result make me a Trotskyist renegade?)
>> Paul Z.
>> --On 12/7/2008 1:59 PM +0000 paul bullock wrote:
>>> And the anti-marxists say the organic composition of capital isn't rsing
>>> because technology is 'cheaper'....!!!!
>>> PB
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>>> When Mr Obama "met with the nation's governors last week, they said the
>>> states had $136 billion worth of road, bridge and other projects
>>> approved ready to go as soon as money became available. They estimated
>>> that each billion dollars spent would create 40,000 jobs".
>>> It works out to $25,000 per job, and if there's $136 billion worth of
>>> jobs, then you have 5,440,000 million jobs - for one year?
>>> J.

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