RE: [OPE] Special TV report on Venezuela

From: Michael Williams <>
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 10:39:45 EST

Of course. It behoves us to be highly critical of all our sources of information – especially those that seem to re-enforce our prior judgements.


Michael W


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> That kind of certainty is obtainable only from your priest, rabbi, mullah, witch-doctor … or whoever

> guards the certainties of your particular faith.



Hi Michael W:


How about the kind of certainty which leads one to write "I'm *SURE* we can expect a fair evaluation

of what's going on there" from the BBC (12/5/08; emphasis added)? Isn't that kind of uncritical certitude

about the fairness of the BBC worthy of an "Ugh!"?


In solidarity, Jerry



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