Re: [OPE] *Results of Random Selection of Administrative Committee*

From: Suzanne DE BRUNHOFF <>
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 04:04:50 EST

Dear Gerald Levy
Thanks to you and other members of the list .
I agree to be on the list , but only for one year. If it is not possible, I cannot be on the list.
Thanks again
Suzanne de Brunhoff.
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  The following message was sent to the top ranked individuals.
  A copy is being sent to you - once again - for information,
  transparency, and curiosity purposes.
  I expect it might take some time before all the individuals get back
  to me on this so it may be some time before we actually know who
  will be on the AC.
  In solidarity, Jerry
  Dear xxxxxx:
  You are among the top xxxx ranked individuals in the 'pool'
  for the next Administrative Committee (AC). This was determined
  by a double-blind random ranking procedure. The term of office for
  the new AC will be two years.
  This is a great opportunity for you to take part in an
  exciting social experiment in direct democracy by
  Marxian scholars!
  The functions and activities of the AC will be determined by
  the new AC itself - in consultation with the list coordinator
  and, where necessary, with periodic reports to the list. The
  list coordinator will have voice but no vote (except in cases
  of a tie) in AC deliberations. The responsibilities of
  the AC will include:
  o a review and decision on recommendations made for new
  o a review of existing list policies - where the AC decides
  that policies are in need of review;
  o resolutions of complaints, suggestions, and grievances made
  by list members who are not part of the AC;
  o offering advice and direction to the list coordinator - either
  at the request of the coordinator or the initiative of the AC.
  Additionally, the AC may decide to expand its discussions to
  other matters, e.g. long-term planning of the list, new initiatives,
  etc. This is really up to the new AC.
  Decisions of the AC will be made by majority vote.
  This doesn't HAVE to be a big commitment. Putting aside
  special cases and emergencies, this SHOULDN'T require a
  lot of time and effort on the part of individual members of the
  AC. But, this depends in part on what the AC decides will be
  the scope of their activities.
  Of course, there are legitimate reasons for not serving on the AC
  (e.g. family, health, political activism, work and other professional
  commitments which make it impossible to serve), but I ask that
  you give this matter serious consideration and, if at all possible,
  agree to be on the AC.
  Comradely, Jerry


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