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 Why don't you call yourself social democrat?
What you try to defend dogmatically hast nothing to do with the concept of socialism.
See Robert Owen's "Social System".
Cheers, Dogan



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Ja! Ja! Ja! No, not insulted. But it’s true. I’m not a Marxist. I think that I’m not the only one in this list that is not a Marxist.


By the way, since the main criterion that keeps us together here is Socialism or Post-capitalism, why this list is defined as Marxist?


A. Agafonow

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Be careful, Jerry,


Agafonow might feel insulted if you call him a Marxian scholar!






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> The BBC is going to screen this week a TV report on Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution.

> I=E
2m sure we can expect a fair evaluation of what’s going on there.





I think it's rather odd for a Marxian scholar to think that the BBC

will be "fair" on this topic.  As the article referenced below says,

the BBC is "an imperial tool, as corrupted as its dominant



They already have a track record of being UNFAIR re Venezuela

so there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to think that they will

offer a "fair evaluation of what's going on there."




In solidarity, Jerry

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