RE: [OPE] *Procedure for Random Selection of Administrative Committee*

Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 14:38:12 EST

1. Two different sets of random numbers will be generated (Ian W suggestedusing Mathematica) for the numbers 1 through 55. Either Ian or someone elseother than myself will do this.
Ian has done the above (thanks, Ian). Now all we need is one volunteer
to do 3 and another to do 4 and Ian can then send each of them a set
of randomized numbers.
In solidarity, Jerry
 2. I will make two separate lists of the pool based on the last name of each member. In one list the numbering will be in alphabetical order and the other will be in reverse alphabetical order. 3. Whoever does 1. will send one set of random numbers to someoneelse who has volunteered with a copy to myself. I will send this person 2. and this will generate a new, *random pool ordering*. Only after thisis done will I be sent the new ordering. 4. Whoever does 1 will send the other set of random numbers to yetanother person and myself. That person will match-up the second randomized numbering with the random pool ordering to determine the*ranking for pool members*. Since I will have a copy, I will be able todouble-check the results. NOTE: no single person in any of these steps has the ability to unilaterally determine the ranking. 5. The results will be shared with Alejandro VB (who is an outgoing AC member). Then, I will ask the people in the number 1-5 ranks if they will be willing to serve on the AC. If there are refusals, then go to the #6, etc. ranked person and ask that person(s) to be on the AC. Although somewhat awkward, this procedure was chosen to inspire the highest possible confidence on the part of list members with the legitimacy of the results. * We could use volunteers to do 3. and 4. It shouldn't be more than a half-hour's work or so on the part of each.

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