Re: [OPE] Basics of Democracy [Lots].

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 09:05:44 EST

Hopefully, we will all see on OPE-L what real (direct) democracy looks

No system is going to be 'perfect'; all are experiments of history.
There is a 'learning by doing' curve which we will have to
experience and draw lessons from as we continue.

One issue concerns commitment towards the democratic process.
_If_, for example, there were members who did _not_ write posts
after the September announcenment about the new procedure
_because_ they didn't want to be on the AC, then that implies a
lack of personal commitment. _ If_ we find that a significant # of
those in the highest random rankings opt-out of serving _then_
that would be a problem as well. {{NB: since there are 55 members
in the pool and there will be 5 members of the AC that means that
each person in the pool has a *one in eleven* chance of being in the
top-ranked group.}}

In solidarity, Jerry

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