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    Could you please explain what do you mean with Cuba's "apparent peaceful
streets". Your statement is quite ambiguous. Are the streets peaceful or not?
If peacefulness is only apparent, could you explain what is the reality behind
that appearance? A hidden violence? Of what kind?
    Frankly speaking, I surely know what neighborhoods and streets I should
not walk alone in Mexico City, where I live: they are openly non-peaceful. I
also know what neighgborhoods and streets are somewhat more "peaceful".
I think that OPE-L, as a serious academic forum, doesn't need such ambiguous
statements, from which you derive strong conclusions.
Abelardo Marińa Flores

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Jerry, I am not suggesting that violence in Venezuela is per se a consequence
of the road to socialism. After 10 years of Chavismo this is not more than the
consequence of the incompetence of Chávez and his government.


Nevertheless, I doubt about the Cuban harmony. Its apparent peaceful streets
must be a consequence of the police-minded regulation of almost any
circulation goods, including weapons. I mean, that regulation is necessary,
but a democratic rule of law forbids a police like regulation of human lives.



A. Agafonow

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> ”A young man in Latin America between 15 and 24 years old is in danger

> of dying murdered more than anywhere else in the world.” (in Spanish)


> And Venezuela among the most dangerous countries.

And, by that measure, Cuba is among the least dangerous countries in Latin

America, Alejandro. It is less dangerous, according to the report, than North

America. The morale of the report for Venezuela might be to follow

the Cuba Road.

In solidarity, Jerry

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