Re: [OPE] Dream of globalization

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 09:07:07 EST

> Pay your economist very well

Hi Jurriaan:

Actually, the payment to economists _could_ be seen as
being related to globalization. And the trend is for an increasing
percentage of economists _not_ to be paid very well -
regardless of their theoretical and political-economic perspectives.
That trend is for the percentage of part-time ('contingent')
academic labor to full-time academic labor to increase.
Even full-time faculty, including economists, are employed
at jobs with less job security: for many decades there has been
an assault on the practice of awarding tenure under the
guise of increasing "flexibility" - just as "flexibility" is a
objective by capital and the state in other parts of the
international capitalist economy. For economists working
outside of academia, the situation is often even worse since they
are typically employed at jobs where they can be fired at any
time and serve at the discretion of management. The uneven
compensation for economists internationally has also led, increasingly,
to a global academic labor market for economists. This international
mobility of economists is furthered by the increasing knowledge and
use of the Language of the Empire (English) by economists.

In solidarity, Jerry
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