[OPE] The micro dimension of the Financial Crisis.

From: Alejandro Agafonow <alejandro_agafonow@yahoo.es>
Date: Sat Nov 08 2008 - 06:51:16 EST

Take a look at this “60 minutes” video about the causes of the financial crisis. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/05/60minutes/main4502454.shtml   It’s a grate document. It tackles with the micro level of the financial crisis that Marxism overcomes, due to its reluctance to deep into the complexities of forecasting future prices in a market economy.   Even more, it revels that behind the financial instruments called “derivatives”, rests the minds of mathematicians and physicists that built complex mathematical models that at the end reveled incapable of modelling human conduct.   Regards,Alejandro Agafonow

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