Re: [OPE] Invention, Inventors, and the Productivity of Labor

From: Ian Wright <>
Date: Mon Nov 03 2008 - 15:57:10 EST

> I, following Dickinson, consider the emergence of profit a failure to
> expand output.

In this context, profit can also emerge from cost-saving technical change.

> But unlike him I propose to reward socialist
> entrepreneurs according to the “volume of production effectively sold
> off”. So she/he would not have incentives to depart from the rule of
> pricing according to marginal costs, since they would be interested in
> imputing the lowest price possible to attract consumers and expand the
> output.

Would the socialist entrepreneurs, therefore, receive a different kind
of income to the other workers?

If so, I worry about the social and political implications of this
difference. I also think having two kinds of income is potentially
redundant. Why not allow all workers in the firm decide, in a democratic
manner, how the profit is distributed? Especially as the entrepreneurs
are supplying labour, like everyone else.

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