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 Dear all,
I was reading Alain Badiou's paper and reassuming the short exchange between Paula and Jerry. Forgive me if I come too late and reheat a debate which is probabily already forgotten in the fluid of information.
I have the feeling we are missing an important point here. As important as the considerations about the use of different terms, concepts and metaphors may be, it is more important, I think, to take inti considerationthe general point Badiou is making.
What is the general point Badiou is making? First of all we have to take inti consideration that Badiou deals with the question as a philosopher. Unlike the particular braches of science philosophy has to pose the more general question. A political economist may consider more particular questions such as whether it is a crisis we are facing, what kind of crisis is it, how will it effect production, employment; a sociologist may consider its consequences with regard to social relations; a psychologist may try to find out its effects in relation to social and individual consciousness; a politician, dependin on whether rpogressive oder conservative, may draw conclusions regarding the question what to do. A philosopher however, as Badiou is, must consider a more general question: what does crisis mean in relation to the question how we live and act. COnsequently, in badiou's short paper the question of crisis turns into the question how do we work and produce, and why do we work!
  and produce in such and such way and in conclusion what does it mean to live in this way. Now, put things in this perspective, Badiou says something important here, namely important as the particular questions may be we have reconsider the question why we work and produce in this way ans what does it mean to the sense of human life.So the point Badiou is then making is we have to question the way we work and live. This is the point we miss in the debates. He did well to draw our atention to this more general but equally important point.

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> It seems to me that using literary allusion as a way of making points
> about?

> political economy is often very useful. So powerful are many of the
> images?

> and stories from film - and more generally, popular culture - that they
> can?

> be effectively used in communication about politics and economics.?

I agree, I am just questioning this particular metaphor.?

> I also think that Badiou's reference to the?

> crisis being a "spectacle" would resonate well with most workers.?

I doubt it. I think it's insulting to describe people as an audience and
this crisis as their spectacle. At least it does not resonate with me.?

Paula ?


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