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Chavez has shown again and again that he and his team are incompetents. The performance of his government on basic public services, that Venezuela had overcome long time ago, is very poor.   This is another issue to be considered for a programme of transition. You can’t bet for a high level of internal confrontation without consequences for the well functioning of the public administration.   Chavez himself publicly recognized some years ago that the civil servants of the former governments were far more competent than those under chavismo.  A. Agafonow ________________________________ De: Jurriaan Bendien <> Para: Enviado: domingo, 26 de octubre, 2008 14:01:50 Asunto: [OPE] Electricity problems SAN FELIX, Venezuela (Reuters) - Despite having some of the world's largest energy reserves, Venezuela is increasingly struggling to maintain basic electrical service, a growing challenge for leftist President Hugo Chavez. The OPEC nation has suffered three nationwide blackouts this year, and chronic power shortages have sparked protests from the western Andean highlands to San Felix, a city of mostly poor industrial workers in the sweltering south. Shoddy electrical service is now one of Venezuelans' top concerns, according to a recent poll, and may be a factor in elections next month for governors and mayors in which Chavez allies are expected to lose key posts, in part on complaints of poor services. The problem suggests that Chavez, with his ambitious international alliances and promises to end capitalism, risks alienating supporters by failing to focus on basic issues like electricity, trash collection and law enforcement. Meanwhile in New Zealand, the Premier. Mrs Clark, complained that the directors of one of the companies in the privatized system got huge pay increases for what is a parttime job although power charges are rising 10-12% J.

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