RE: [OPE] Heinz Dieterich's General Program for Transition Towards XXICentury Socialism in Latin America

Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 16:33:14 EDT

I haven't talked to Venezuelan economists, but if they are saying: we need a system of accounts which enables us to relate labour hours, the prices of inputs and outputs, and the actual physical type of inputs and outputs (use-values), I am certainly in favour of that. <snip>
But if what they are saying is that trade should occur according to labour-time chits, I do not think it is going to work.
Hi Jurriaan:
It is not a question (now) of what Venezuelan economists are saying about
these questions. These proposals are Dieterich's. The 'labour-time chit'
proposal was made previously by Paul C and Allin; I have no idea at present what
Venezuelan economists and socialists think about it.
In solidarity, Jerry

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