Re: [OPE] Chernobyl

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 08:32:49 EDT

> These relate to human health measures, what are the measures of ecosystem
> damage?
> The articles I have read in New Scientist indicate a thriving eco-system
> in the region evacuated.

Hi Paul C:

My point is that the eco-systems *far* beyond the immediate area of
Chernobyl were affected. There hasn't been a mega-study yet, as far
as I know, which indicates the aggregate *global* impact of the disaster on
other animal species on land and at sea (because a lot of the nuclear
went into waterways) and plants (and hence the entire food chain). There
some more limited studies for the areas beyond the immediate area, e.g.
on forests in Sweden (McGee et al "Chernobyl fallout in a Swedish spruce
forest ecosystem"). There are also studies which showed a significant
increase in animal mutations, especially in the 5 years after the disaster.
I doubt that capital and the state, which have had a vested interest in
promoting nuclear power, are likely to conduct such a mega-study since
they haven't done so already.

In solidarity, Jerry

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